Forster Solutions is located in Wilmington, Delaware, creating high-quality information technology solutions for companies in the Delaware Valley.


With over 25 years of experience in IT Engineering for the Pharmaceutical and Financial industries, systems management and validation, and professional scientific software development, Forster Solutions is dedicated to excellence and doing the job right. We can help your company in the following areas:


Customized Solutions Design & Technology Integration


Architecture & Strategic Technology Planning


Project Management & Implementation


Process & Procedure Development


21 CFR Part 11 - Infrastructure Qualification & System Validation


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


Mission-Critical Support & High-Availability Designs


Systems Engineering & Design


Systems Administration & Security


Software Development & Scientific Computing  


Shell & Perl Scripting, Automation Tools


Preparation of Technical Documents & Diagrams


Translations English <-> German



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Project Highlights

Modeling & Simulation: ModReport
Implementation of a customized 3rd party application for analyzing, comparing, managing, and reporting NONMEM pharmacokinetic modeling calculations, from initial user requirements specifications, solution architecture & design, to management of the vendor's development efforts, software installation, testing & validation.

Modeling & Simulation: ModSpace
Design and implementation of a custom-developed 3rd party application to serve as a knowledge repository for drug and disease models.

Modeling & Simulation: Enterprise Architecture
Assess and document business capabilities and gaps for various modeling and simulation efforts in different research, pre-clinical and clinical areas, design process and information models for common requrements, and develop a road map of initiatives necessary to implement business strategy.

Biotransformation Database Project
Implementation of custom electronic lab notebook for metabolism research data storage & management, incl. storage & searching of non-specific structures, filtering pathway diagrams, instrument data upload, etc. Responsibilities covered all areas from requirements analysis, vendor evaluations, project planning and resource management, to designing the application features in collaboration with the vendor, managing business process changes, and performing application validation testing.

Strategic Modeling & Simulation: eMASTER
Complete application architecture design and development of an application for comparing, managing and reporting NONMEM population pharmacokinetic modeling calculations; presented fully functional Prototype in only 2 weeks, then designed and built multi-server networked 3-tier application with web front-end & compute farm back-end, written in Perl, AJAX, HTML and JavaScript. Developed modules for advanced methods such as Bootstrap and Covariate Model Building, as well as diagnostic plots with S-Plus, and integrated into High Performance Computing (grid) environment.

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Operating Systems & Platforms:

Unix: SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, AIX, various Linux distributions,

other BSD and System V implementations
Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000; Mac OS/X; OS/2

SUN, HP, SGI, BULL SPS-9, PCS Cadmus, Bruker X32

various Intel systems


Apache, Tomcat, JBOSS

Samba, InterScan, sendmail, bind, ssh, SpamAssassin, Cyrus-IMAP, LogWatch, OpenGroupware, Scalix, Kerio

HP OpenView Network Node Manager, IT/Operations, IT/Administration, PerfView, GlancePlus, OmniBack II, Veritas NetBackup, Big Brother, MC/ServiceGuard, JumpStart, VMWare, ClearCase, cobbler, puppet

Documentum, CoreDossier, Clintrace, Oracle, Data Warehousing
Nexus, Vision Publisher, NONMEM, Xpose, PsN, MatLab, S-Plus, R

Office Tools:

MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint),  MS Project, Visio, ABC FlowCharter, DreamWeaver, MS FrontPage, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, SharePoint


Perl, C, Fortran, Modula-2, Pascal, some LISP and C++

Korn/Bourne/C Shell scripting

HTML, CGI, JavaScript, Tcl/Tk, Python


lex, yacc, sed, awk, expect, sccs

English, German, some French & Spanish


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Contact Information

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Forster Solutions, LLC


6 Lara Lane

Phone: 302-824-7745
Wilmington, DE 19808 Fax: 302-998-8097



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Last revised: January 29, 2010